T-Mo Bauer has been described as a visionary artist,  whose work  constantly pushes the boundaries of artistic expression through technology.  

T-Mo Bauer is the pseudonym of Thomas B. a former NYC hedge fund manager of Austrian origin who now makes his home in London focusing on raising his two daughters, philanthropy and Art.  T-Mo earned a BA in Economics from the University of Chicago in 1992.  The nom'd artist is an homage to his late grandmother Lotte Bauer, a gifted painter and source of inspiration to all that knew her.

An experienced pyrotechnics practitioner, Bauer is best know for his unique surreal and abstract images of explosions or other ephemeral events, twisted urban landscapes and his fruitful ongoing collaborations with other artists such as the painter Anastasia Belous and the fashion designer Michaela Frankova.  He is currently working with another collaborator on a portfolio of prints for luxury furnishings.

Bauer donates all proceeds from sales of his art to charities that he is active in such as Jewish Care and the MTV Staying Alive Foundation, or a cause mutually agreed upon with the purchaser.






Recent Events


2016                      Library Club Showcase, 112 St Martin's Lane, London, WC2N 4BD

2016                      New work commissioned for the MTV Staying Alive Foundation Gala (September)

                              'TMO4MF' : collaboration with Michaela Frankova for London Fashion Week SS17 (September)

                              "The  Corner of (Y)our Eye", joint exhibition with Anastasia Belous, 54 (May-June)

                              Art In Fusion TV 5th Exhibition Night, Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel (April)



2016                       VICE Creators Project :   WWW.VICE.COM

                               Art in Fusion TV :  Interview

2015                       Wod & Vale :  "Hair Raising Sculpture"